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Cryptococcal Capsular Polyaccharide Detection K-Set (Lateral Flow Assay)

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  • date:2020-10-10
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Cryptococcal Capsular Polyaccharide K-Set (Lateral Flow Assay)


Intended Use 

The product is used for the qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of  the capsular polysaccharide antigens of Cryptococcus species in serum and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), the Assay is a prescription-use laboratory assay which can aid in the diagnosis of cryptococcosis

Product Characteristics

Basic Parameters        

Name                            Cryptococcal Capsular Polyaccharide Detection K-Set (Lateral Flow Assay)

Method                          Lateral Flow Assay

Sample type                   Serum, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)

Specification                  25 Tests/Kit & 50 Tests/Kit

Detection time               10 min

Detection objects           Cryptococcus

Detection limit               0.5 ng/mL

Stability                         The K-set is stable for 2 years at 2℃-30℃

Machine to operate on   No need

Interpretation of Results


Product Advantages

Rapid: Obtain result within 10min

Easy to operate: Without complex sample pretreatment processing, just 4 steps

Intuitive result: Visual reading results

High sensitivity and good specificity: Early detection

Order information

25 tests/kit: FCrAg025-001

50 tests/kit: FCrAg050-001