Grand Opening of "National Marine Economic Innovation and Development (Beihai) Industrial Park and Beihai Sinlon Chinese Horseshoe Crabs Marine Medicine Industrial Park"

Column:Company news Time:2021-06-30
On June 28, the "National Marine Economic Innovation and Development (Beihai) Industrial Park and Beihai Sinlon Chinese Horseshoe Crab Marine Biomedicine Industrial Park" was successfully completed in Beihai, Guangxi.


On June 28, the "National Marine Economic Innovation and Development (Beihai) Industrial Park and Beihai Sinlon Chinese Horseshoe Crab Marine Biomedicine Industrial Park" invested and constructed by Tianjin Era Biology Technology Co., Ltd.  was successfully completed in Beihai, Guangxi, and the opening ceremony was successfully held.

The park is constructed and operated by Beihai Sinlon Biotech Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Era Biology Group. After a year and a half of orderly and intense construction period, the park will officially open for operation on June 28, 2021.



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Liu Zhongguang, Director of the Management Committee of Beihai Industrial Park, and Zhuang Qingsheng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association, delivered a speech for the opening ceremony and extended good wishes and expectations to Sinlon Biotech.

Sun Huanzhi, Deputy Mayor of Beihai City, announced the grand opening of the "National Marine Economic Innovation and Development (Beihai) Industrial Park and Sinlon Biotech Chinese Horseshoe Crab Marine Biomedicine Industrial Park".

Afterwards, Mayor Sun and the leaders visited the "Marine Science Education Exhibition Hall" in the park, the Chinese horseshoe crab breeding base, and the reagent and instrument production and research center. They highly appraised and affirmed the layout of the industrial park about the "marine power", "resource protection" and "healthy power".


President He of Era Biology Group made the following speech at the opening ceremony:

Sinlon Biotech settled in the industrial park in 2001. From project approval and site selection to construction preparations, the park has received great attention and strong support from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Beihai City governments at all levels, and the industrial park management committee. Sinlon Biotech is fortunate to undertake the national "13th Five-Year" marine innovation demonstration industrial chain project. The project has been rated as a key project of the Guangxi Autonomous Region "Biomedicine Industry 100 Billion Tackling Toughness" and a major project for "double new" coordinated promotion, and has been listed "Three-year Action Plan 2020-2022 for the Construction of Guangxi's Strong Marine Economic Zone."

At the beginning of the construction of the park, the concept of "atmosphere and practicality, simplicity and refinement, and ocean technology" was established. Relying on the unique high-quality marine resources of the North Bay, Sinlon Biotech closely follows the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s strategic policy on the development of "sea-oriented economy", based on scientific research, staying in the ecology, and giving full play to its advanced marine biotechnology to develop the medicinal value of marine biology in the North Bay. With innovation as the goal of unremitting pursuit, the park has built a comprehensive "Marine Biomedicine Industrial Park" integrating marine biomedicine development, Chinese horseshoe crab breeding, research and development and production of diagnostic reagents and instruments, and marine science education. It has a complete industrial chain integrating biological resource protection, raw material preparation, diagnostic reagents + fully automatic instrument research and development, production, and global sales and services. Through years of cooperative research with Shanghai Ocean University, Sinlon has formed a set of corporate standards for Chinese horseshoe crab simulated natural aquaculture, artificial seedlings, live blood collection, optimal recovery after blood collection, and disease prevention. The annual artificial reproduction and release of 200,000 young horseshoe crabs over 3 years old is expected to gradually restore the population of horseshoe crabs in the North Bay through continuous breeding and release work each year. At the same time, through standard blood collection, recovery after blood collection and legal release, the two-pronged, sustainable protection and use of Chinese horseshoe crab resources is realized.


I believe that with the strong support of the governments of Guangxi Autonomous Region and Beihai City at all levels, Era Biology Group and Sinlon Biotech will carry everyone’s ardent hopes, with full enthusiasm, firm determination and professional strength, to create first-class, capable "Marine Innovation Industrial Park" with characteristics of North Bay and let it become a bright business card for the innovation and development of the marine economy in Guangxi Autonomous Region.